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LiveVault Server Backup from Iron Mountain removes the recovery failures and burden of tape backup through a fully automated solution that provides continuous, 100% reliable disk-based data protection.

The LiveVault service automates and integrates the entire data protection process by combining continuous, disk-based backups with automatic offsite storage, archiving with user-defined retention, and rapid, reliable recovery, removing the complexity, burden and failures of tape backup.

LiveVault Server Backup customers have enjoyed a 99.999% restore success rate for protected servers.

Reliable, Tape-Free Backup and Recovery

LiveVault Server Backup is the first disk-based online backup and recovery service to:

  • Automate and integrate the entire data protection workflow

  • Provide reliable recovery of your data

  • Combine an optional onsite disk backup appliance with automated offsite data storage and archiving

Automated, Integrated, Complete Data Protection

LiveVault Server Backup fully automates and integrates the entire data protection process. Now, with one integrated solution, you can backup your data, automatically move it offsite to a secure Iron Mountain facility, archive your data with long-term retention that you define, and restore your data rapidly and completely.

Disk-Based Speed and Guaranteed Reliability

LiveVault Server Backup completely eliminates tape from the data protection equation, completely eliminating the risk of data loss. With LiveVault Server Backup your data is backed up to a secure, remote Iron Mountain facility where your data is always available for immediate online recovery. For even faster recovery, LiveVault also offers LiveVault TurboRestore, an optional on-site disk appliance for faster, reliable recoveries.

Fully Automated Solution

LiveVault Server Backup is fully automated, to help you reduce the labor and headaches associated with tape backup. Your backups are performed automatically and continuously, and moved to a secure remote Iron Mountain data center. Data is protected as it is created, using AES encryption, VPN tunneling and digital certificates.

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LiveVault Server Backup Features and Benefits Include

  • Continuous Data Protection For Assured Protection – LiveVault pioneered continuous backup to ensure that backups are always up-to-date and can be recovered up to the time data loss occurred

  • Flexibility and Control with Web-Based Management – With LiveVault Server Backup you retain complete control of your backup operations. Through the LiveVault Web Management Portal you can manage and monitor the entire backup and recovery and vaulting process from a web browse anywhere, anytime. All using AES encryption, VPN tunneling and digital certificates.

  • Automatic Offsite to Secure, Class-A Data Centers – Your data is stored at Iron Mountain’s data centers.

  • Fast Online Restores Using Patented DeltaRestore Technology – Drastically speeds up data restoration in cases of a common cause of data loss: data corruption. Instead of restoring an entire file or database, LiveVault Server Backup will allow you to restore only the data that changed – rolling back the data to the exact state it was in prior to the corruption.

  • Rapid Local Restores with LiveVault TurboRestore – An optional on-site rapid recovery appliance that works in conjunction with LiveVault Server Backup for complete data protection, providing fast, local recovery times as well as complete protection against site-level failures.

  • No Third Party Software Required - LiveVault Server Backup includes native open file and database protection, meaning it is ideal for protecting applications such as Exchange, SQL or Oracle databases.

  • Ease Of Use – Once you have set up LiveVault Server Backup, your backups take place automatically and continuously. You and your staff no longer have to manually backup your servers.

  • Focus On Your Business, Not Your Backups – With LiveVault Server Backup, your company’s server data is monitored 24x7 by Iron Mountain’s Service Operations Center (SOC). The SOC automatically detects problems at any stage of backup or recovery, initiates corrective action and proactively notifies you.

  • Peace Of Mind - With LiveVault Server Backup your data is automatically and reliably backed up. You are no longer at the mercy of tape recovery failures and the burden of tape backups. Instead you take advantage of our track record of 99.9999% successful restores.

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